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21 Jul '17

Celebrating Sweet 16 — With a Fond Farewell

By: Rick Peterson, Co-Founder

Hydrogen celebrates its 16th anniversary this month. And to mark the occasion, I’m retiring.

Actually, the timing of my retirement is coincidence.

After 37 years in the advertising profession—all of it here in … Read More

18 Jul '17

Does it pay to share the big picture with your ad agency?

By Mary Knight, Partner/Executive Creative Director

It’s a balance you face every day. Do you coordinate the efforts of various marketing partners and assign everyone their little slice to save budget and conserve resources? Or do you pull your … Read More

05 Jul '17

Relaunch? Refresh? Start by creating a New Narrative for your Brand

There are some things you know you need to change. Your clothes. The litter box. Your mind—sometimes far too often. What about your brand? Do you know when to change your brand message? More important, if you know you … Read More

16 Jun '17

The Hydrogen Roundup: Episode Three. A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

People find inspiration in all kinds of places. At Hydrogen, sometimes it shows up in our inbox. Here are some of the best links flying around our office.

All-natural, organic fireworks. Ooo! Ahh!

For all you media geeks … Read More

15 Jun '17

Hydrogen Seattle Teams with Heritage Bank to Launch New Website

SEATTLE (June 15, 2017) Puget Sound based Heritage Bank (NASDAQ:HFWA) partnered with Seattle-based advertising agency, Hydrogen, to create a website that offers a friendlier, easier banking experience for both current and prospective customers.

Based on Hydrogen’s digital strategy that … Read More

05 May '17

The Hydrogen Roundup: Episode Two. Inspirational procrastination at its best.

We know that inspiration, like hydrogen is pretty much everywhere. Here’s the latest and greatest flying around our place.

Man deep fries gnocchi, hilarity ensues Playing hooky is about to get a lot easier If you’re going to be … Read More