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29 Jun '16

Mr. President’s 100-mile Summer Swim

Hydrogen President Rick Peterson sets his sights on achieving his 100-mile annual summer swim goal in Lake Washington. Makes your arms tired just thinking about it, doesn’t it?

  By Staff Writer

An open water swimmer on Lake Washington … Read More

15 Mar '16

Let’s talk taboos.

By Mary Knight, Executive Creative Director

Can I be candid? Good. Because we’re about to talk about Girl Stuff. Yep. Night sweats. Morning sickness. Hot flashes. Previously undiscovered chin hairs. You name it. For centuries, these subjects have been taboo. … Read More

15 Mar '16

Avoid these Pandora pitfalls

By Hillary Miller, VP, Account Strategist

Pandora Radio, and streaming music in general, continues to takeover. In the Seattle radio market alone, Pandora delivers more than double the audience of any other radio station (broadcast and streaming) among adults … Read More

15 Mar '16

Finding Hydrogen: An SEO love story.

By Rick Peterson, President

If you search online for “top Seattle advertising agencies” you’ll notice Hydrogen pops up on page one among the top 10 listings. That wasn’t the case six months ago. Even though we significantly expanded our digital … Read More

17 Nov '15

Content Failure: Are You About to Implode?

By Mary Knight, Executive Creative Director

“Life is hard. After all, it kills you.” – Katharine Hepburn

Ok, we’re not talking literal life and death here. But done wrong, your content strategy could be the beginning of the end … Read More

17 Nov '15

Is content blocking sending banner ads the way of the dinosaurs?

By Brian McCartney, Senior Digital Designer

Will Apple’s announcement of ad-blocking extensions for iOS 9 an OS X mean the death of the banner ad as we know it? Because these extensions will allow developers to block cookies, images, … Read More