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21 Jul '17

Celebrating Sweet 16 — With a Fond Farewell

By: Rick Peterson, Co-Founder

Hydrogen celebrates its 16th anniversary this month. And to mark the occasion, I’m retiring.

Actually, the timing of my retirement is coincidence.

After 37 years in the advertising profession—all of it here in … Read More

05 May '17

The Hydrogen Roundup: Episode Two. Inspirational procrastination at its best.

We know that inspiration, like hydrogen is pretty much everywhere. Here’s the latest and greatest flying around our place.

Man deep fries gnocchi, hilarity ensues Playing hooky is about to get a lot easier If you’re going to be … Read More

03 Apr '17

A Yogic Mindset

by: Sydney Fullerton, Project Manager

On paper, there’s not much that puts yoga and me in the same room. Yoga originated in ancient India and has a Sanskrit vocabulary. I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, have … Read More

13 Mar '17

An interview with our own

by Matt Swecker, Copywriter and Sydney Fullerton, Project Manager

Lessons learned growing an Instagram following

Project Manager Sydney Fullerton is the force that keeps things running smoothly around Hydrogen, but when she’s not at the office keeping us all … Read More

17 Feb '17

How To Write A Radio Campaign: A First-Timer’s Perspective

by Matt Swecker, Copwriter

Radio is a place where a writer can really let their copy shine. It’s also one of the hardest forms of media to do well–the notorious “theater of the mind.” So when it’s your first … Read More

21 Nov '16

Hydrogen Expands Creative Team

Hydrogen Advertising has added a new staffer: Matt Swecker as Copywriter.

Swecker brings a wealth of left-brain experience into his right-brain calling. He earned his degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Illinois, with a minor … Read More