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17 Feb '17

How To Write A Radio Campaign: A First-Timer’s Perspective

by Matt Swecker, Copwriter

Radio is a place where a writer can really let their copy shine. It’s also one of the hardest forms of media to do well–the notorious “theater of the mind.” So when it’s your first … Read More

12 Oct '16

Are You Getting the Most from Your Digital Video?

by Rick Peterson, President

One of the great things about videos posted on digital and social channels is how easy it is to measure engagement. Views, shares, likes, reposts, you get the instant gratification of knowing what’s working and … Read More

29 Apr '15

The international language of simplicity: human truth

By Rick Peterson, President

When complexity wins, just about everything else loses.

But complexity can be defeated. One way? Leverage a simple human truth.

Our client, Keysight Technologies, faces endless complexity. The target audience is technical: engineers, researchers and … Read More

20 Nov '14

Keysight Technologies engages Hydrogen to rebrand Corporate HQ

By Mary Knight, Executive Creative Director

In celebration of Keysight’s spin-off from Agilent Technologies, Keysight tapped Hydrogen to rebrand its new executive offices in Santa Rosa, CA.

With roots established in 1939 by Bill Hewlett and David Packard as … Read More

03 Nov '14

Hydrogen Tapped by Keysight Technologies For Global Advertising Launch

Today executives from Keysight Technologies, Inc., rang the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange to mark the launch of Keysight as a new publicly-traded company and to celebrate its spin-off from Agilent Technologies. Concurrently a new ad campaign, … Read More

02 Sep '14

Creative vs. results? That’s so 2002.

By Mary Knight, Executive Creative Director

For years, there were ads for furniture repair shops. Dance studios. Tattoo parlors. These “fake clients” helped line the awards shelves of many creatives. But personally, I blame the gerbils. Yes, the … Read More