The international language of simplicity: human truth

When complexity wins, just about everything else loses.

But complexity can be defeated. One way? Leverage a simple human truth.

Our client, Keysight Technologies, faces endless complexity. The target audience is technical: engineers, researchers and scientists from around the world. They work on complex things: mobile communications networks of the future, even on the origins of the universe. True, all engineers speak engineering, but they don’t all speak English. Our work for Keysight needs to resonate across multiple languages and cultures.

The products and services Keysight provides are also complex: tools and systems engineers use to uncover gnarly electronic test and measurement insights. It’s a given when marketing products such as oscilloscopes, signal analyzers, software and more to highly-technical audiences, the pressure to get bogged down in a sea of tech talk, product specs and comparison charts is almost overwhelming.

But engineers are also human beings. And even though they might not always admit it, engineers and scientists respond to the same simple human truths the rest of us do.

Case in point: The thrill of experiencing genuine “Aha!” moments.

To help launch the new Keysight Technologies brand (Keysight spun off from Agilent Technologies to become a new publicly-traded company in November 2014), we honed in on a simple human truth that engineers anywhere in the world can relate to—the thrill of experiencing and capturing moments of insight.

For engineers, these game-changing “Aha!” moments often take the shape of an elegant equation or simple drawing quickly jotted on a nearby piece of paper. Like the famous Bob Metcalfe diagram scribbled on a napkin, yes a napkin, envisioning the Ethernet in the early 1970s.

For Keysight, we built a campaign with “Aha!” moments specifically chosen to resonate with global industry segments (aerospace, telecom, etc.). We stripped away complexity to drive home a central truth: Keysight Technologies is the world leader when it comes to helping engineers get to valuable moments of insight faster and better than any of its competitors.


Several months after launching the Keysight campaign, the idea of “Aha!” moments made the April 2015 cover of Psychology Today. The article explored how “flashes of insight can be personally transformative, creatively inspiring, or even spiritually transcendent.” And a question was posed, “Is there a way to manufacture an ‘Aha’ moment, or at least improve the odds of having one?”

At least for electrical engineers, researchers and scientists around the world, the answer is most certainly “yes,” with electronic test and measurement solutions from Keysight Technologies.

Connecting to a simple human truth that engineers can relate to—“Aha!” moments—is helping Keysight cut through the complexity and speak to engineers not just as engineers, but also as people.

Of course many if not most businesses, marketing channels and products can be quite complex. But the most effective marketing communications strategies and executions stand out by defying this complexity. Instead, they often powerfully leverage a simple human truth.