Hydrogen Advertising Team

Meet Tom. He’s a salty dog. Resident philosopher. Perhaps the most verbose art director you’ll ever meet. And just a good guy.

Tom Scherer
President, Co-Founder

This is Rick. He’s really cool. He swims. And he has been called the “Bing Crosby of advertising.”

Rick Peterson

This here is Mary. Consummate professional. Island hippie. And can edit anything down to just three words.

Mary Knight
Partner, Executive Creative Director

Meet Mike. He’s a stickler for the craft of good design. In fact, some say he puts the “b” in subtle.

Michael McGrath
VP Creative Director

Here’s Hillary. She’s super smart. And can talk super fast. We think it’s just her mouth trying to keep up with her brain.

Hillary Miller
VP, Accounts & Strategy

How many senior accountants do you know from Hollywood CA? We know one and she works at Hydrogen!

Lori Bentler
Senior Accountant

This is Lauren. Queen of media. Her mom is British. But Lauren doesn’t even try to fake an accent (unlike Gwyneth Paltrow).

Lauren Rose
Media Director

Meet Michael. He’s crazy tall. He’s really good at what he does, but we still can’t understand why he isn’t playing professional basketball in Europe.

Michael Van Schepen
Account Supervisor

Meet Kerry. She brings the California vibe. Cool as a cucumber. Calm as a Zen master. And she grows her hair just to donate it, that’s how nice she is.

Kerry Dorado
Account Executive

Say hello to Brian. Not only does he lead our digital design and production practice, he brews his own beer. Which in a way makes him the Sam Adams of Hydrogen.

Brian McCartney
Senior Designer

This is Pirkko. She was named after a Finnish exchange student. She smiles like this all of the time. Really.

Pirkko Terao
Production Director

Certified yoga instructor. Meticulous list maker. These are traits Sydney taps as Hydrogen’s resident Mission Control Guru. She also has a black cat named Claude, so don’t cross her.

Sydney Fullerton
Project Manager

Meet mild-mannered Matt. Storyteller. Doodler. Pick-up soccer player. Matt made a huge discovery as a scientist: he’s really a right brainer. Lucky us.

Matt Swecker