Hydrogen Celebrates its Annual Crabfest

Recently team Hydrogen trekked out to President Tom Scherer’s seaside abode for our annual Crabfest retreat. It was an opportunity for all of us to catch some rays, breathe in the salty sea air and eat some fresh crustacean. Or as Tom puts it this simple equation: “When you combine—beach + low tide + hungry co-workers + a catalyst of butter, lemon and wine = the perfect summer company party: Crabfest.” Enjoy some of our favorite photos from the event.

Little McGrath goes undercover to truly understand his prey.

Team Hydrogen exploring the soggy wonders of low tide.

It didn’t need to say much to be the star of the event.

Suddenly the heat was on.

Sydney and Paolo smile for the camera, while the dog insisted on a profile shot.

Crab-crackin’ Mike McGrath with photobomb courtesy of David Knight.