Jenny Dorey to Lead Hydrogen’s Finances

A highly accomplished accounting professional with experience across several industries including engineering, tech, architecture and more recently, marketing services, Jenny Dorey brings her leadership, critical


What do you get when you take the detour around the West Seattle Bridge, ride a ferry and drive down what feels like the world’s

Instead of Commuting…

Hydrogen Remote has been working full-time for our clients since the middle of March. Since then, we have created websites, videos, strategic and media plans,

From a Different Point of View

As an intern, the Hydrogen workplace sheds a different light. My point of view is unique—not because I barely surpass five feet, but because the

Podtastic Part V: Listening Hacks

If you become a podcast addict like myself, keeping up with your favorite shows is simultaneously challenging and fun. A podcast aggregator, or “podcatcher” app, is

Happy Birthday, Hydrogen!

This year, Hydrogen celebrates a decade and a half in the biz. Watch out, we’re old enough to get our learner’s permit! A lot has

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