Leveraging the Voices of a New Generation for Planned Parenthood

Most younger adults have heard of Planned Parenthood but may not know if it’s right for them. Hydrogen partnered with Planned Parenthood to leverage strategic insights from existing health center operations, national Planned Parenthood, Consciously, our B Corp partner agency, and Hydrogen’s multi-state GenZ Advisory Council. From these learnings, we created a strategic springboard and integrated brand campaign to reframe misperceptions that exist about the breadth of Planned Parenthood’s services.

The campaign theme, “We’re Open,” invites young adults to experience the Planned Parenthood difference—an inclusive, non-judgmental sexual health care provider dedicated to opening up access to all.

To measure the impact of our campaign across the health centers in six states, we developed a Marketing Impact Dashboard. This allows us to measure each media channel and creative asset in the overall funnel and dial up or down our investment based on the eventual number of appointments booked.