Branding David in the Goliath World of Accounting Firms

Hydrogen captured our skill, camaraderie and hard-work ethic in a big idea that separates us from the “Big Names” in the forensic accounting space. Our “Tenacity Pays” platform extends flawlessly across the many channels of our B2B sales funnel.

– Daniel Duggan, SVP Practice Development, CPRS

“Accounting forensics” isn’t a term that rolls off the tongue. Even for the Fortune 100, B2B audience that our client, CPRS, works with every day. But a skilled accounting forensics team can save companies millions by uncovering billing discrepancies, contract compliance issues and tax overpayments. And finding lost millions is an idea we can all wrap our head around.

When CPRS eyed expansion, we were asked by their leadership team to help develop a B2B brand story and campaign—their first ever. The competition in this space is the “Big Names” in the accounting world. Names that can comfort C-Level executives, especially those who aren’t familiar with the differences between firms.

As the underdog, CPRS understood the need to stand out from the pack and focus on the things that truly make them the better choice. The result, after in-depth client interviews, was an idea that captured CPRS’s experience, ethics and ability to work side-by-side with existing teams: Our “Tenacity Pays” theme and accompanying bulldog icon create the cornerstone for the new CPRS brand story.

From a new logo and website to launch posters, customizable sales tools and covetable swag like coffee mugs, we brought CPRS to life through memorable language, thoughtful explanations and eye-catching original illustrations by Bruce Hutchison and Mark Summers. Photography from the website is from the collection of Rodney Smith.

We’ll keep you posted. Until then, roll up your sleeves and dig into our new campaign.