Camera-ready Healthcare

This year’s pandemic and subsequent shutdown have forced us to rethink everything. From business meetings to family gatherings to eating in restaurants, to yes, visiting the doctor. Here in Seattle, our tech-focused businesses went virtual. Fast. For months, our streets were quiet as all but essential workers spent their days at home—employed or not. But as time passed, people began to realize that while some things had forever changed, other things were adapting to a “new normal.” Scrappy restaurants offered takeout. Delivery services skyrocketed. Companies like Google and Microsoft reinvented their workspace. All the while, people were putting off getting that annoying rash looked at. Or prescription refilled.

The folks at The Polyclinic understood people’s reservations about going to the doctor’s office in person. Especially for those smaller, maintenance needs. Their answer? Virtual Visits. From dermatology to physical therapy to primary care visits, physicians can see and and help patients. All without the patient having to leave the safety of their bubble.

When Hydrogen teamed with The Polyclinic marketing group to create a campaign to announce Virtual Visits, we decided to give the public a break from the poignant “unprecedented times” messaging. Instead, we continued the tongue-in-cheek approach that has become synonymous with The Polyclinic: thoughtful, simple messages designed to make the reader smile, and think that a doctor visit was well within their comfort zone. Messages like “No shirt. No shoes. Great service.” And “Physical (distance) therapy” encourages patients to schedule those virtual appointments via transit and out-of-home. The campaign broke in September and will run through November.

So get ready for your close-up.