The Persuasive Power of Personality

This month, Hydrogen celebrates The Polyclinic’s breadth of physicians and specialists in a new online and offline advertising campaign. The Polyclinic, one of the largest multi-specialty clinics in the Puget Sound area, has over 200 doctors and advanced practice clinicians throughout the greater Seattle area.

The problem:
The Polyclinic wasn’t alone in its desire to promote health care specialty areas. While some local competitors have heftier ad budgets to help them yell louder, our job was to help The Polyclinic stand out from the fray—by focusing on expertise with attitude instead of big ad budgets with “me too” messages.

The solution:
Reward the customer with messages designed to make them stop, smile and think. Rather than focus on one specialty such as orthopedics, Hydrogen’s campaign offers a gentle reminder of the expertise available at The Polyclinic. Bus sides and wraps, Pandora and TuneIn radio commercials and sponsorships, mobile and traditional digital advertising remind Seattleites that The Polyclinic offers expertise as well as a healthy respect for a patient’s intelligence. It’s a combination that is becoming increasingly rare in today’s health care world.

The work:
Click here to see the new 2017 campaign.