Advertising case studies


Here are our case studies, simplified to the key points about how we drive results. From fast changing, “this stuff reads like stereo instructions, help!” tech brands to hand-holding, “this is really personal, help!” relationship brands, our experience runs deep in technology, health care, retail and financial.




Trust. It’s important for any client but imperative for a bank or financial institution. We help our clients successfully navigate messaging in this highly regulated, super competitive space. Click here to see our financial case studies.


Health Care

We know your pain. What other category is purposefully and actively ignored by its target audience? Our job is to help you differentiate by creating a likeable point of view that is welcomed by people, rather than ignored. Click here to see our health care case studies.



Some agencies focus on creating cool retail brand campaigns. Others offer up an “on-the-streets” localized approach. Here at Hydrogen, we combine global campaign thinking that resonates, with local market media smarts. The result? Glocalization. It’s our approach to simplicity and it sells at the cash register as well as on Wall Street. Click here to see retail case studies.



Often, the more advanced and complex the technology, the easier it becomes to operate. The same is true with technology advertising. And boy, do we know how to make it look easy. Click here to see our technology case studies.


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