A healthy dose of advertising simplicity


Warm, caring smiles. Stethoscopes slung over white coats. In the health care advertising world, it’s a battle of the clichés out there. Check out how Hydrogen has helped our health care partners use traditional and digital advertising to rise above the madness. See how they leverage a simple, focused point of difference in the ad campaign case studies below.

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Elevator advertising: The message is the medium to win new patients for The Polyclinic in Seattle’s highly-competitive market

Talk about putting yourself where the action is: Tasked with reaching out to young professionals working in downtown Seattle, a series of hyper-targeted media buys allowed us into 50 elevators in seven office buildings, all within eight blocks of The Polyclinic Downtown. Created specifically to connect with the often-uncomfortable experience of an elevator ride, we delivered a series of fun, compelling and truth-based messages encouraging same-day appointments.


Standing out when you sit in the middle: Doubling ad recall while being outspent 8:1 by the competition

In the hypercompetitive health care advertising space, the Polyclinic suffered from middle child syndrome. They’re not a large hospital system, but they’re too big to compete with a private practice. Because great ad creative springs from truth, we leveraged a unique point of difference to separate The Polyclinic from the competition. It’s owned and run by physicians, so they have the power to put the needs of patients first. The result is the ongoing “Where you come first” awareness campaign. Click here to see our outdoor ad campaign work.


MultiCare Women’s Services Campaign

A candid campaign raising awareness of the breadth of women’s services MultiCare has to offer. The creative features original illustrations and delivers straight talk on subjects such as low sex drive, high-risk pregnancy and bladder control. Using Pandora Radio, digital banners and Facebook advertising we were able to specifically target women in the Fertile Years as well as the Hot Flash Years.



Humanizing a faceless health care system: MultiCare

Integrated ad campaign produces ten percent increase in “likely to choose” and significant increase in “likely to recommend” in tracking studies

Despite a wide network of services and locations in the South Sound area of Washington State, MultiCare was perceived to be a faceless, “not from here” organization. We created a local rally “Health is a journey. Let’s get there together.” to unite South Sounders. Through TV ads, radio, digital advertising, outdoor, print and out-of-home ads, we created an emotional bond celebrating regional roots, caring expertise and a spirit of collaboration. Click to see the integrated ad campaign.

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