Advertising simplicity in dollars and cents


Let’s face it. Most financial institutions have a similar offering. Which can lead to advertising that looks the same, too. See how Hydrogen’s advertising strategies harnessed simplicity to help our clients fight this homogenous trend in the financial ad campaign case studies below.

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+13% New Inquiries: Heritage Bank Integrated Advertising Campaign

“Hydrogen tapped into what truly makes Heritage Bank different.” – Shaun Carson, VP Marketing Officer

We created an integrated advertising campaign for Heritage Bank that rallies both customers and employees around the theme, “What’s your heritage?” TV ads, radio, digital advertising, print ads, in-branch and internal communications launched in June, 2015. The bottom line: by sharing the best ideas from all of Heritage’s bankers, customers get more than a community bank. But rather, a community oƒ banks.
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The Non-Olympic Sponsorship:
Sterling Bank Digital Ad Campaign

Over 2.6 million bonus impressions, double-the-standard for click-through, Webby Award winner

During the Summer Olympics, we negotiated bonus digital advertising placements with Xfinity in major Northwest markets. Because Sterling wasn’t an official sponsor, there were no rings. And certainly no mention of the “O” word. So we created a series of animated banners that played off the Sterling Bank branding theme line: “Nobody works harder for you.” Click for the highlights of this creative digital ad campaign.



Simplicity in Finance: When it comes to banking, easier definitely does it.

Vegas baby. That’s where almost 900 of the hottest names in retail banking gathered to hear “Ideas, Insights & Innovations” for 2015 and beyond. We were there too, and just as hungry as the rest of the crowd to soak up the expert take on how to stay ahead in the fast-changing, highly competitive world of retail banking.

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