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14 Nov '16

Four Things I Learned During My First Month as a Copywriter Intern

By: Matt Swecker, Copywriter

As soon as I hung up my white lab coat and dove head-first into the pursuit of a career in copywriting (with a skeleton of a portfolio), I became a full-time networker. Classmates in Copywriting … Read More

12 Oct '16

Three Things I Wish I’d Known Before Teaching Grown-Ups

by Hillary Miller, VP of Strategy

I wish my future self were able to travel back in time and warn me about a few things before I began my journey teaching courses at the School of Visual Concepts … Read More

12 Oct '16

The Interactive Storyboard

by Brian McCartney, Senior Designer

Imagine describing the way the iPhone works to a room full of people who have never used it before and want to build for it. Start with something as basic as the swipe-to-unlock feature. … Read More

29 Jun '16

How Strong is Your Brand’s Handshake?

(And Four Easy Ways to Strengthen It)

By Rick Peterson, President

A strong and authentic handshake is one of the simplest ways to make a good first impression. It’s true between people—it’s also true in advertising.

In marketing, we … Read More

17 Nov '15

Content Failure: Are You About to Implode?

By Mary Knight, Executive Creative Director

“Life is hard. After all, it kills you.” – Katharine Hepburn

Ok, we’re not talking literal life and death here. But done wrong, your content strategy could be the beginning of the end … Read More

17 Nov '15

Is content blocking sending banner ads the way of the dinosaurs?

By Brian McCartney, Senior Digital Designer

Will Apple’s announcement of ad-blocking extensions for iOS 9 an OS X mean the death of the banner ad as we know it? Because these extensions will allow developers to block cookies, images, … Read More