July 27, 2015

Whole Foods Goes Hyper-Local for Chambers Bay in a Mass Media Way


By Lauren Rose, Media Director

Many advertisers still think mass media is too costly and inefficient to reach specific and localized target audiences. Not true! Hydrogen recently worked with Whole Foods Market to drive awareness for their grand opening in Chambers Bay in the South Sound. And we did it by using mass media in a hyper-localized way.

Today there are many new mass media tactics that enable geo-targeting and pinpointing messages to appeal to different sub-targets, creating a hyper-local feel while still enjoying the tremendous cost efficiencies of mass media.

To reach specific pocket neighborhoods in and around the new Whole Foods Market in Chambers Bay, traditional mass media channels covering the Seattle-Tacoma DMA are cost-prohibitive. Why pay for the entire Seattle metro market when its real targets were folks in and around University Place in the South Sound?

Our overall strategy was to target based on the unique geography of the South Sound, using geo-targeting to reach ideal audiences and increase effectiveness.

As such, a key element of our media strategy involved reaching residents in Gig Harbor and Fox Island. An additional challenge was to reach these audiences with a specific message different from the message for residents on the mainland.

Having worked with Whole Foods Market on numerous grand openings, we know the product is always beautiful, mouth-watering and engaging — it makes you hungry. So it was also important to look at highly visual media, to show consumers the beautiful and healthy products now available at Chambers Bay.

We were able to negotiate bonus “sliding digital billboards” on the home page of the Tacoma News Tribune, too. These ran before, the day of, and after the grand opening. This bonus provided a great combination of online brand awareness plus traffic-driving offers that helped create one of the most successful Whole Foods store openings in the country.

Buying media in a hyper-local way worked for Whole Foods Market. It can work for you, too. And the results can be massive.